General Blue

Blue meeting his demise

General Blue is a Human and a powerful high-ranking officer in the Red Ribbon Army and is the leader of the Blue Corps. He also has powerful psychic abilities and is considered to be the strongest Red Ribbon soldier. Blue's psychic abilites make him a strong opponent against Kid Krillin and Kid Goku even though he defeated Kid Krillin but lost to Kid Goku. He was later killed by Mercenary Tao who killed Blue with his tongue. General Blue like each Red Ribbon army boss represents a certain country his is Germany (Nazi Germany to be more specific) this shows Blue is evil. His name like all of the Red Ribbon Army members is a pun off a color.

He is seen to be homosexual when he turns down Bulma in her panties, who was using the seduce technique, to which Blue replied as being "Disgusting". Further personality problems are shown when he shows affection towards a little boy.